Family Corner : BUN in the oven ?

I always ask my friends / family / pets what they like and don’t like in my blog, what they want less or more of and as much as possible I try to honour all requests. However, there is one request I’ve continually been promising to honour but yet never delivering on and that is tips regarding maternity fashion.
You see the problem is that I base most of what I write using myself as the proverbial guinea pig – my own experiences, my likes and dislikes bla bla whilst I’m all for putting myself in other people’s shoes – I can’t begin to imagine what it must be like to be pregnant. Every month when the female blues hit me, I become a wreck – fashion? clothes? what are they? I usually crawl out of bed, grab the comfiest thing I own and simply look like a white-faced wreck for the rest of the day. 
9 months of feeling bloated and hormonal? I think I’d be the most unfashionable pregnant person ever.

But the requests continue to come and I’ve decided to possibly ease my way into this, I might write a whole load of rubbish or suggest the most uncomfortable of outfits but hey I’m trying so give the girl a break? And of course feedback and suggestions are always helpful 🙂

Sooo…no prizes for guessing that this week’s edition of the family corner is about maternity wear – here comes the other reason for my collaboration on this section of the blog with KIABI malta. A LOT of people I know tell me that Kiabi has extremely comfortable maternity wear, somehow they seem to find it comfier than other brands, in my ignorance I’ve tried to understand why – don’t all brands use the same patterns, is there like some new scientific breakthrough ?
The response mainly seem to be centered around the fact that all the seams of their trousers/tights/leggings fit properly right under the stomach and the part that sits on the stomach is really soft and stretchy, apparently they also tend to stay put not move around and fall etc. 

Another very popular item which is really for after pregnancy is these breast feeding bras that are really easy to unclasp and reclasp.

And now for an outfit idea – this is my favourite item in the maternity section – I was thinking of buying it for me tbh but then I felt a bit *ahem* fraudulent and silly. I would wear this with leggings or black jeans and chunky black boots, on a cold day I might add a chunky black / white scarf. This is a sleeveless poncho so underneath you’d probably want to wear something like a long sleeved black top or a turtle neck – hows that for stylish comfiness ?

And for more photos click through the slideshow below 🙂

Soo how did I do ? Shall I continue with this ? More Family Corner posts right here

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