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You may have realised that I kind of make a big deal when my birthday rolls around. This year, I had actually originally planned on letting it roll by without any fuss whatsoever, maybe just a quiet dinner with the hubby.

A bit of context – two years ago, my little niece was born one day after me and at the time, I pouted¬†in an extremely childish manner. I exclaimed in annoyance that she’d stolen my birthday. Considering today she’s probably one of the most important people in my life, I’m more than happy to donate my birthday to her completely if needs be. So my intention was just to tailor around her and not really make any sort of fuss about mine. However, if you followed my social media or blog over that weekend, you can see how well that worked out.
If you’ve read this post, then you know I spent the weekend at the Radisson. It took me a while to plan what I wanted to wear. That’s always the most frustrating part about weekends away from home for me. I never really know what I’m going to need, so I just take everything. I had so many things with me in the end that it seemed as though I was going away for a month.
I needed four outfits – one that I’d arrive wearing, for Friday night dinner with my family, one for Saturday night drinks with friends and one for the actual birthday which was when we had my niece’s party.
It’s kind of a tradition that I wear something new at some point for birthdays – I realise this makes me sound somewhat spoilt but I did just say that I make a fuss about this didn’t I ? Really not claiming any sort of rationality or maturity here.

So here are all the outfits, details are at the end of the post

Outfit 1

Top : Elisabetta Franchi via Rebelli
Culouttes : Marlene Birger
Shoes : Laura Biagiotti
Bag : V72 via Rebelli

Outfit 2

Jeans : Vintage Levis
Jacket : Urban Outfitters
Shoes : Nike

Outfit 3

Trousers : Vintage Trousers
Bag : Mcqueen via Rebelli

Outfit 4

Dress : Self Portrait
Bag : Sunita Mukhi
Shoes : Casadei

Most photos by Kurt Paris shot at Radisson Hotel.

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