Beauty : Ericsson Laboratoire Eye Heaven

I’ve been meaning to write this review post for a while now. Actually since last September when I mentioned it in my What I took to Fashion Week post. This has really been one of my favourite beauty discoveries in 2016.


As you know, I’m quite a fan of the Ericsson Laboratoire skin care range. I swear by their serums, love their moisturisers and scrubs and get excited about their facials. This is however, the first time I’ve encountered an eye product so effective at removing dark circles. If you think I don’t have dark circles, I really love my under eye concealer but that’s a separate post. Fact is, I’m a technology addict and workaholic who attempts to sleep far to little and also suffers from insomnia. I’ve also been told that carbs contribute and well, try as I might that will to not eat white bread seems never to be found.

Moral of the prose, I have dark circles.

Back to the product. This little tube doubles up both as a mask and an eye cream. Whether or not it is the expected use, I’m not sure but I like to out a thick layer occasionally and let it sink in, on ‘normal’ days, I pat gently over a thinly applied layer. The result is that my under eye area looks fantastic and the dark circles have really lessened. This also means that this tube needs to accompany me on all my travels, no sample tubes or random products allowed anymore (yes I know that’s not a great idea anyway..but you know space and weight for shopping ..for yet more stuff..addict much ?
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