Spring Dates with MANGANO

Today’s post is all about some glamorous styling with MANGANO and a bit of blog reflecting. When you run a blog, I think it is often underestimated how much work and effort goes into it all and also how stressful it can sometimes all get. I sometimes get asked why I started it all and I’m not really quite sure how to answer. I initially started working as a stylist because I simply love it – nothing gives me greater pleasure than transforming a person with clothes. I started blogging because I wanted to fill more hours of my life with fashion talk. I started posting outfit shots, honestly because they seem popular and I’m nothing if not a reader-pleaser.
So the point of my ramble is that I’ve put up another outfit post. As I said in my previous post, I spent last weekend celebrating Valentine’s Day and there were a couple of dinners for which I felt like getting all dolled up. I pre-ordered some items from the new MANGANO Spring / Summer collection, there are so many beautiful pieces.

All dresses from MANGANO

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