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A trip to the home section at New Look generally always leaves me substantially poorer and wishing I was younger so that EVERYTHING would make sense in my abode/room. I moved into my own house 5 years ago. I promptly completely filled it up which left me with no real reason to spend time and money at home stores anymore. Then I started spending a portion of my time in interior heaven – Stockholm – the bug was well and truly bitten.
My current craze for interior delights is a mix of chic, beautiful, designer artistic pieces, Swedish minimalistic designs mixed with their never ending use of rose gold and the fun and cute, fun stuff such as those found in a place like New Look. The stuff is truly a lot of fun Рlight boxes which I love so I got two (one small, one large), chalkboards for you to write down your message of the day, the coolest mugs on earth and so much more.
It’s the stuff you want on your desk to smile at whilst you work, such as for example a pineapple¬†led that changes colour or a mug saying let’s get lost – honestly, who wouldn’t want this?

Happy Shopping !!

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