A Date With Pedro

There’s something about wearing a black dress and a pair of heels that can make you feel ‘dressed up’ and this dress from Pedro del Hierro does the perfect job. Whilst Coco Chanel is one of the first designers to have actually designed one, the term and idea of ‘ the little black dress’ became famous after the black Givenchy dress of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Since then, the black dress has continued to grow and grow in popularity.
I’m a colourful person so when I do wear a black dress I like to inject some colour into the outfit. I joke about this, about how even when I plan on wearing black, somehow, somewhere, some colour will come creeping in – it is almost inevitable.
I wore this dress out to Sunday lunch, I was probably a bit overdressed but I felt like feeling fabulous.
It was one of those days – I woke up feeling fat and not at all fabulous and I spent all morning trying to shoot a video with insubordinate equipment. When it was time to get dressed, I was running late, obviously. I saw this dress that I had just picked up from Pedro del Hierro- it looked so forlorn by itself, so on it went. The shades came next and then the heels, a look in the mirror did confirm it might all be a bit too much for Sunday lunch but then again I could already feel my spirits lifting – after all isn’t that’s what beautiful clothes are for?

Pedro del Hierro is a Spanish heritage designer brand available within Cortefiel at Bay Street.
All Photos by Kurt Paris

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