Because Brides CAN Wear Specs

Did you know I used to wear specs? No? Well, I’m not that surprised, I haven’t worn them ever since I did eye laser treatment 5 years ago. I was a bride six years ago, however, and quite a short-sighted one. When looking at today’s eyewear options I can’t help but feel a bit cheated. There were nice options back then but nothing like what’s available nowadays. This is pure art.
The focus of this article is bridal eyewear at O’hea Opticians. The reason being that short sighted people also get married and not every bride feels like spending her wedding day suffering the discomfort of contact lenses (I remember those painful dry days like it was just yesterday – no amount of drops ever made it better).
This is actually the first in a series of posts focusing on eyewear as related to weddings, we will be looking at even other sectors such as Mother and Father of the bride and groom. Today’s post focuses on the bride. These stunning, stunning Dolce & Gabbana models from The Flowers and Lace collection combine fashion and dainty elegance in such a spectacular way that they area almost in a league of their own. They’re a statement all by themselves.

In case you’re wondering, yup that’s two pairs in the picture below. You see these stunning Dolce Glasses have a matching pair of sunglasses (floating pic right above).

I originally intended to show you the sunnies version of this pair of specs too but it sold ou before I got the chance.

All eyewear available from O’hea Opticians, The Strand, Gzira

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