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When it comes to blogging and frequent travelling it is definitely a bit of an oxymoron. On the one hand, travel means beautiful photos, new things to talk about, new shops to discover and new food – the best part. On the other hand, it also means routine and schedules are thrown out of the window, cramming meetings into a shorter time window and a lot of missed events.

I find beauty review posts to be the biggest sufferers. It’s simply not always possible to take things around with you and also when I’m on holiday what with planes and change of climates, my skin tends to get somewhat affected and it feels unfair on the beauty product I’m trialling. Which is why this post is a bit long in coming. I’ve been meaning to try Elizabeth Arden skincare products for a while now. Their famed 8-hr range has pretty much a cult following especially in the UK. I received a number of products including a mini-sized version of the actual 8-hr cream and this amazing serum.

Eight Hour Cream – The Original

I’ve been hearing good comments about this product for years. I finally got the chance to try it. I tried it in the following ways

  • before two plane rides of 3 hours each – I walked off the second flight with my skin still feeling moisturised.
  • over a patch of dry skin after returning home from my last trip to Stockholm, after a few days it was completely gone
  • as a way to add shine to lips
  • as a way to add shine to eyes by placing a small amount over applied eyeshadow
  • as a way to keep eyebrow hair in place

Skin Illuminator Brightening Night Capsules

‘With our exclusive Advanced MI˟ Concentrate™, this advanced nighttime serum works synergistically with skin’s natural repair process to help minimize the appearance of excess pigmentation and dark spots and support skin’s natural collagen and elastin matrix, giving skin a smoother, brighter look. See a profoundly visible transformation: skin looks smooth, crystal clear and translucent’

From the very first time I used this product, the next day my skin felt like velvet, so soft, so moisturised, so smooth. I used this whilst in Stockholm, both because of change of climate and central heating, my skin was annoyingly dry. I remembered I had brought it with me after about a week and initially, started using it every day. That was actually a bit too much, I felt like it was a bit too rich, my current usage pattern is about 2-3 times a week which is providing fabulous skin indeed.

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