Do you know Pedro del Hierro?

The current retail hot topic in Malta is most definitely – Pedro del Hierro. Pedro del Hierro is a Spanish fashion brand with a true designer heritage pedigree. It was originally set up as a couture house by the famous designer Pedro del Hierro himself in 1974. The brand is housed in Bay Street within the Cortefeil store on level 2.
The women’s collection is aimed at confident, successful women who are naturally sophisticated. A perfect mix between faithful classics and current trends. Elegant jumpsuits feature exciting, tailoring details that enhance the natural curves of the female body whilst the stunning dress collection boasts perfect tailoring with new patterns and contrasts. There are also pieces suited for the everyday lifestyle, from work to lounging on a yacht.
The men’s collection is defined by its chic sense of style, the elegant gentleman who has a strong personality that shines through in his manner of dressing. New cuts and shapes contrast with old tailoring methods to create superbly, well-fitting blazers and trousers that will ensure comfort and ease. Lightweight materials cater for long days out in the sun, whilst the vast range of coloured shirts are perfect for days spent in the office.

Bright, coloured fabrics exist in harmony with neutrals and iced hues whilst print fabrics sit alongside vivid prints.

Now for the best part – Something GREAT is happenning this Saturday


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