Spring and White Dresses

As much as I love the idea of Winter White, it really only works well when it’s snowing, otherwise, wind, rain and general greyness tends to spoil the whole idea. I’ve rarely if ever, actually worn a white dress in Winter. In spring and summer, however, white is one of my favourites – it feels so fresh and beautiful, so light and pure. Especially at the start of the season, it simply feels perfect.
So when I found this dress at Liu Jo, staring up at me, simply looking all shy and perfect, I knew we had to become friends. I was a bit worried that it would hug my curvy hips and bum a bit too much and I would hate it but I didn’t mind it – it does of course accentuate, the style is built that way – but hey, after all, that’s what my booty looks like right?

Dress from Liu Jo at The Point

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