A Floral Dress

A storm hit me both physically and mentally over the last week, Malta Fashion Week was the main part of the storm of course but right before I also spent a day feeling extremely ill. I lost two days of crucial work which means certain posts that were meant to be uploaded throughout fashion week got sidelines. As they say, there’s always tomorrow and better late than never and here’s a post I’ve kept for a while, that I shot on my last trip to Gozo wearing a lovely floral dress from Cortefiel.

I’m not generally a fan of floral patterns, they somehow remind me too much of Laura Ashley, little house on the Prairie sort of style but over the last few years floral patterns have actually become a lot more interesting. There’s less ‘prettiness’ somehow and more blending of different colours into one palette. This dress, for instance, is a floral pattern but not that ‘pretty’ or traditional. The pattern is blurry in some places, distinctive in others. I paired it with a summer hat from Women’s Secret and a new pair of Adidas Superstars from TeamSport I’m currently crushing over. The trainers and hat made the look quite casual but truth be told this is actually quite a smart dress, a pair of gold, heeled sandals and a clutch bag would have given it a totally different, more upmarket look and feel.

Dress : Cortefiel

Hat : Women’Secret

Shoes : Adidas Superstars via TeamSport

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