Bridal Crystal Eyes

This is now the third post in the ‘Brides Can Wear Specs’ series with O’hea Opticians. I don’t want to repeat myself and bore you to death but the point of this series is as the title implies, to showcase that eyewear and brides go together quite nicely.

I feel that although in recent years this has lessened thankfully, there is still some perception associated with feeling less beautiful when wearing specs. This is utter nonsense of course and the right pair of specs can actually add interest and beauty to a face. The trick is, of course, to find that perfect frame that suits both your face, personality and style, The beauty in these delicate frames from Silhouette is that they are very light, they not obliterate any features but merely add a touch of spare and shine, They are also very elegant and quite classical so they’re not something that will look dated in a few years. Once again, for this post, Wedding Bells in Valletta and Toni & Guy were with collaborators – & the hubby took a few shots 😀



comfortable  !!


SIlhouette frames

with white sides encrusted

with Swarovski crystals


-The Elegance MODEL.



Dress : Wedding Bells Valletta

Hair : Toni and Guy Malta

Eyewear : Silhouette at O’hea Opticians 




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