An Atelier Experience

Whilst I own many beautiful clothes, my couture experience has been rather limited, to say the least so when Camilleri Paris Mode offered me the chance to try their new Atelier experience I was quite incredibly thrilled. The idea of being involved in designing your own unique work of art and also owning said unique piece of art thrilled me.

I met with the wonderful Elisha around March/April and we started discussing what I like, looking at magazines and simply bouncing around ideas. We both wished a long dress and I always favour a somewhat ‘big’ skirt. The idea of a bodysuit style top then came about followed by the bow and wrist cuffs which ahs us both squealing in excitement.

Next came fabric choices and this was probably the hardest part simply because at their store there are so many beautiful fabrics to choose from that you really can’t choose just one or two. There was a particular fabric that I kept trying to incorporate in some way simply because I couldn’t let it go. The skirt is a vintage fabric, Camilleri Paris Mode has been in the business of fabrics since 1890 which means they have their own fabric archives and some gorgeous vintage fabrics. Draping the mannequin was the next step.

Once the decision was reviewed and approved, I skipped along happily and turned up next for my first fitting which was done with a base fabric. I had one more fitting to adjust length and anything else and that was it – the perfect dress ever was ready.

Wearing this dress on the last day of Malta Fashion Week felt like a dream come true – I jokingly called it a 5-year-old child’s dream, but it is rather true, I think I dreamt of wearing a dress this beautiful ever since I was playing with my princess Barbies.

This was truly a wonderful experience.

Dress – Camilleri Paris Mode Atelier

Earrings – Diamonds International

Makeup – Henry Galea

Images by Kurt Paris

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