Baptism Outfit

I spent most of last weekend lounging around in swimwear by a pool, eating and drinking way too much so when it was time to wake up early Sunday morning and get dressed for my little niece’s baptism – I was hoping my clothes still fit. I chose this top and skirt combo because it is smart but not too smart if you know what I mean and really, really comfortable. Comfort was high on my priority list as well I planned on eating again – it’s a party after all. This top is interesting because of the white detail on the neckline, although it’s a lace-effect top, that white detail gives it a casual vibe. Both the top and skirt are from Cortefiel. Since the outfit is quite busy, I kept everything else really simple- as you can see I’m not even wearing any jewellery.

All Clothes from Cortefiel Bay Street


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