Father’s Day Luxury Gift Ideas

with Diamonds International


It’s father’s day on the 18th June – so those of you with fussy dads, it might be time to start panicking! I find my dad rather difficult bo buy gifts for, well men, in general, are difficult, there just aren’t that many options and you tend to exhaust them all pretty quickly.

Well, I popped by Diamonds International to see what new items they had in stock, they always have some really beautiful gift options, especially if you’re intending to buy something a bit special. Something quite exquisite and luxurious is this limited edition watch. It’s by Baume & Mercier, if your dad is a watch aficionado then he’s definitely not a stranger to the name, they’ve been manufacturers of luxury swiss watches since 1830. The Clifton Club series, is, to quote the brand “A WATCH FOR THE “GENTLESPORTSMAN””, this is the Shelby Cobra Limited Edition.

A bit of history regarding the Shelby Corba.

The Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe represents the hopes, dreams and monumental effort of a group of hot rodders who changed the way the world perceived American cars and it captured the public’s hearts when it captured the world championship. Always looking for an edge, Carroll Shelby asked Peter Brock, now recognized as one of the greatest automotive designers of our lifetime, to sketch a new, better body that could be adapted to the existing Cobra chassis.

50 years after the Shelby Cobra dominated with staggering speed, Peter returned to his original drawings to personally collaborate with Baume & Mercier on the creation of the Clifton Club Shelby Cobra Limited Editions. According to Peter, “The graphics of the Daytona were crucial, and it’s the same with the chronograph. You don’t need to see it close up to admire its beauty.”

So if your dad loves both cars and watches this limited edition collector’s item with a miniature model replica of the original car itself would probably be the absolute perfect gift.

For a more ‘conventional’ but still pretty awesome gift, if your dad either doesn’t yet own a Mont Blanc or collects them this Meisterstück roller pen made from black resin is simply a delight to hold in your hand.

Last but not least is a pair of cufflinks – again from Mont Blanc. Cufflinks have become quite popular once again. Many men are purposely choosing to buy shirts that require cufflinks so that they ‘get a chance to wear them’. Since generally speaking, many men prefer having one nice item than many not so great, this gift is likely to be very appreciated. This Model is the Icon and has quite a unique but minimalist design

All gifts are available from Diamonds International in Malta.

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