Kipling Launch

Have you heard the news? Kipling has finally launched a flagship store in Malta. It is at Bay Street and it has a really fun and bright, colourful vibe. I’m sure most of us ae familiar with the brand, it actually holds quite a lot of memories for me since it was one of the first ‘adult’ bags I was given by my dad.
I had a small mustard backpack with of course the monkey in the same colour – I wore it to death but it somehow remained alive and is still in great condition to this day, a good 20 years or so later.

The quality and materials used are actually the key factors in these bags. Kipling bags are made out of a proprietary fabric called crinkly nylon that was discovered during production and used ever since it is completely waterproof and highly durable. The name is of course inspired from Rudyard Kipling, the author of Jungle book and each bag has a monkey – the monkeys all have names which are chosen to represent employees who work for the brand.

There are different categories of bags – kids / work / travel / casual / luggage and they all feature multiple compartments that are really handy. I’m mega in love with both bags in the pic below. They’re so stylish, the large one can actually be modified¬†in 4 different ways!

For a full in-depth tour of the shop check out my video on facebook.

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