Radiant Skin – Healthier Me

Over the past year, I’ve been mentioning how I’m  trying to live a healthier, more active lifestyle. I won’t lie, the road is bumpy and definitely quite hilly –  a cruise with 24 hr food options, for instance, is not very helpful but for the most part, I feel that I’m managing to be both healthier as regards food choices and much more active. As part of my wellbeing initiative, I’m also prioritising skincare – I am really fortunate to be currently a brand ambassador of two wonderful brands Imedeen and Bioderma which I have found to work really well with my skin and are providing great results.

I had my Imedeen skin test earlier this month and the results show that there is more collagen in the epidermis layer which in turn results in more radiance. This is something that I had noticed actually, whilst I generally tend to not have skin problems per se, sometimes my skin can look dull and lifeless, I feel as though I can’t leave the house without applying some makeup, I kind of look sick sometimes without at least some blush. Lately, though, I’ve been going barefaced and not feeling that different, I don’t catch sight of myself in a mirror throughout the day and think – oh my god I look frightful.

Diet does play a role too, of course, I feel that it would be useless to take supplements and then never eat fruit and vegetables. I’m also really falling in love with raw desserts and fresh juices, I’m craving them more than processed desserts lately.

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