Relaxation is Important

I think I may give off this aura of having it all perfectly together – a planned out life where I never get frazzled…I’m starting to think this because today I got asked no less than three times about how I manage to do ‘everything’. The truth is that I don’t have it all together all the time, sometimes I get frazzled out and ‘stuck’ and I feel incapable of moving forwards or backwards, sometimes I forget things and sometimes I blow small inconsequential things totally out of proportion. We’re all human, yes I am a naturally energetic and passionate person who tends to plunge headfirst into every opportunity that comes knocking. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t get tired or regret¬†certain decisions.

Actually, the first 5 months of 2017 were a bit too much of a challenge I think, I lost the plot a few times, felt overwhelmed a few too many times and thought I wouldn’t pull off certain things many more times. Luckily, June brought about some changes and a much needed holiday. The holiday was a week on board the Meinschiff 2 for a trip around the Adriatic Sea. A trip throughout which I really got the chance to relax, I actually had to spend a whole 24 hrs without internet, something I probably haven’t done in the last 7 years, I thought I would go crazy but the day passed, the world didn’t explode, I had no online catastrophe waiting for me and those tech-free 24 hrs were really, really good for me. The whole week was good for me – I read about 5 books, discovered some new places, ate way more food and spent some time doing absolutely nothing.

Of course, I still enjoyed getting dolled up but you have to remember that I never find that to be a chore, actually, applying makeup is one of my most relaxing pastimes and unless I literally can’t find anything to wear, well I also enjoy getting dressed up. This Pedro del Hierro dress was one of my favourite dresses from my holiday wardrobe. I had just spent a day in the sun (yes I know I shouldn’t but I’m addicted) so the colour of the dress looked great against the colour of my skin. I also love the way it fits, not clingy but not too loose.


Outfit Details

Dress : Pedro del Hierro

Necklace : Pandora

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