Bikini Issues? – Is it physical or mental change?

I remember being 18 / 20 / 23 and wearing a bikini without a moment’s hesitation. We didn’t take as many photos back then so it is hard to know whether it was confidence or a better, younger body. I do know for sure though that I didn’t spend as much time agonising over how bloated my stomach was, how much cellulite I had and how my boobs looked in the top. I know I’m a good deal older and with that comes body changes but sometimes, I wonder, how much of it is actual physical change or just more mental awareness. There were always fashion models and stunningly beautiful women with perfect figures but social media has brought them into our living rooms and bedrooms, making it even easier for us to compare ourselves to them. There’s been a recent wave of body positive influence and I’m thankful for it especially because otherwise, the new generations would only have perfection in their social media news feeds, which let’s face it, is simply not real life.

Why am I talking about bikinis? Well, because last weekend I wanted to shoot my top selection of Women’Secret bikinis for a collaborative post with the store and I really wasn’t feeling ‘bodily’ up for it. Logistics made it impossible to delay so the shoot went forward, bloated or not.  My favourite of the lot is the last one – the pants are reversible and you can buy a different top to mix and match with along with a matching towel and sandals – gorgeous.


P.S. All or most of these pieces are on SALE !!

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