Designed Swimwear – Isle & Aqua

I love how much the local fashion design community is continuing to thrive, I really started delving into it properly about six years ago and I feel we’ve really come a long way. One of the more recent entries into the scene is the swimwear brand Isle & Aqua, a luxury swimwear brand curated by designer and artist, Giulia Pandolfino.

We live on an island, swimwear is our uniform for a percentage of the summer which lasts a good four months, designing swimwear is a great idea. What’s an even better idea is designing it such a way that it really flatters a lot of different shapes and sizes. I’ve seen flat chested women wearing the designs and they looked great, I’ve seen skinny women, larger women – really everyone looked good. The patterns are cut in such a way that adjustments were made across different sizes to cater for the body difference. There are also different designs that look better on certain body types than others. The online size guide is actually quite brilliant at pointing out all these little things.

I spent a day at Pearl Beach yesterday (much more on that to come – the place is awesome) and well, this bikini was my uniform.

Photos by Kurt Paris

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