Flouro Makeup by 3ina

Since summer means many parties and festivals 3ina have released a flouro collection that transforms under UV light. The press kit contained some products and a little UV torch which is so cute!

The Fluoro Lip Gloss (202)

This lip gloss is quite sheer, it’s a gloss, not a liquid lipstick or similar basically. Lips appear plump and full after using and it does give a nice colour shade.

The Fluoro Eye Pencil

This was my favourite product, really waterproof and didn’t run at all, even after a whole day running around in the sun.
It looks black but transforms to a brilliant cobalt blue under UV light

The Fluoro Palette

I was taken aback at the intense colour payoff this provided. It adds both colour and shine and looks really great for summer as it somehow seems to make you look more tanned too, it also transforms to neon under UV light. Remember to apply with a light hand as otherwise, you’ll end up with too much colour. Also, because it is quite intense, it needs to be blended well, I used a buffer brush to blend in after applying.

The Fluoro Cream Eyeshadow (400)

This was my least favourite product but I think I need to play around with it a bit more, it glides on easily but also dries quickly so it needs to be worked quite quickly as otherwise, it can get patchy. I tried it twice, once on just the inner corner of my eyes which looked really nice and once on the entire eyelid which I liked less because I didn’t feel like I managed to get a perfectly smooth look.


This was the first look using the products – I wore this for a press lunch

This was the second look, I was going out to a party so I was counting on a UV effect at the party.

Lots of UV fun !!

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