Dining at The Edge

Last week I visited a new and brilliant restaurant at the Radisson Blu St Julians – The Edge. The restaurant is right at the water’s edge and has such a beautiful, relaxed vibe and atmosphere. It was a hot night but at least there was a breeze. From the minute I arrived up till the time I left the service was absolutely top notch – at no point did we feel that we had been forgotten.

We started with an aperitif and a few too many photos and insta-stories and then went on to order our food. So I decided to order a focaccia with hummus and an olive tapenade as a starter which turned out to be absolutely massive. It was actually quite hilarious when it turned up, the hubby was in fits, although he then proceeded o help himself to part of it. He ordered these aubergine rolls that were really lovely and delicious, much healthier than mine for sure. Mine was delicious by the way and between the both of us, it was all consumed.

Kurt chose swordfish for his main course and I went for calamari, we were both really happy and we also asked for a side of grilled vegetables – I’ve been so obsessed with grilled vegetables lately.

I was sooo full by this time that I was seriously considering skipping desert, however, they did have a dark chocolate cheescake on the menu…so well…


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