It’s All About the Sheen

I recently received a brilliant gift from one of my favourite specs & sunglasses companies, a wonderful pair of shades. When it comes to sunglasses, I truly believe that you can never have enough pairs, they’re probably the ultimate accessory and as someone recently put it, one of the most affordable designer pieces. 

If you’re familiar with the brand Silhouette than you can probably skip this part but if you’re not, then this is a brand that features a proprietary lightweight frame that is so, so comfortable.  They’re very renowned for their eye glasses, comfort is probably the most important factor here but in recent years they’ve really been making waves with their sunglasses models.

This summer they’ve released these wonderful aviators – they’re insanely comfortable and I might be biased but I think they suit my face shape. I really like the sheen of the frames, this fusion of silver and rose gold that looks especially great against tanned skin.

 Silhouette are available from O’hea Opticians

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