Shiny Fever

I’ve been obsessed with highlighting this summer, I even sometimes apply to sit in the office all day, but something about those shiny cheekbones, brow arches…ooh it’s just too much fun. I’ve also always loved the idea of shiny eyes, that disco look a la Cher, I’ve always found it hard to properly create though, if you use glitter you look like a child at carnival, if you use vaseline it runs, same with gloss and I’ve never found a shiny shadow with quite enough shine. 

Enter 3ina’s cream colour eyeshadow in 212, a pale rose gold shade. It’s exactly the product I’ve been waiting for. The funny thing is – when I opened the ‘care’ package they sent me and saw it in there, I pouted like a spoilt brat saying I’m not a fan of cream shadows. However, the light colour and the shine makes it really easy to apply, aka mistakes don’t show up and the effect – oh baby I’m shining like a diamond.

The next product in my care package was a highlighter. Whether you will fall in love with this or not depends on what you want from your highlighter. It doesn’t have quite that 1k wattage that some of my others do but not everyone wants that. This is a subtle, pretty sheen that accentuates rather than commands attention.

Last but not least, I finally got my hands on one of their famed liquid lipsticks in shade 505. I was a bit excited to see what all the fuss is about. Basically, it gets lots of points for being easy to apply and not needing a lip brush as is the case with most liquid lipsticks. The applicator is really, really good. It is also not drying as a formula, I’ve tried something that literally resulted in cracked lips. Whilst it is quite long-lasting, it ain’t quite as ‘cement-style’ as some others I’ve tried which is probably also why it isn’t as drying. Well you can’t have everything can you?

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