Does Size Really Matter?

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been conditioned by sizes, clothing sizes that is. I still remember being asked what size jeans I wore by my class mates at school and being scared to say in case it was too large. Fast forward to today and I can spin into an irrational bad mood if ‘my size’ doesn’t fit me. This is much more irrational than it sounds at first glance.

As a stylist, I understand the ridiculousness that is a clothing size. First of all, there is no standard when it comes to sizes. Different companies have completely different ideas of what a UK size 8 may be. This means there is no such thing as being a certain size, that notion is well and truly lost.

Notwithstanding the mess that is clothing sizing standard, there’s another point of consideration. The size you wear has actually nothing to do with how thin you are. Your build plays a very important part. I have seen skinny girls wear larger clothing sizes than I do simply because their frame is wider, there’s a lot less fat on their bodies than there is on mine but they’re still wider. This is something that is not always properly understood. A petite size 10 (UK) girl will generally have a higher body fat percentage than a larger-frames size 10 girl.

In a nutshell, defining your body goals by a clothing size is stupid and should be stopped and I should for one need to stop caring, I know it’s hard, hell if it wasn’t I’d be the first to stop but next time you pull on a pair of jeans that feels snugger than you think it should, just ask for the larger size – sizes are NOT important.

Dress : River Island

Shoes : ALDO


Photos : Kurt Paris

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