Craving Adventure

Do you ever feel restless? I get what I call my bored days sometimes..I don’t quite know how to explain them, one would think that with my ever growing to do list feeling bored is not a frequent experience for me. YET I manage. Sometimes I feel like Belle in Beauty and the Beast yelling there must be more than this provincial life. the world is a large one, so many cultures so many natural and man-made experiences, if one had to visit a new place and experience something different every day of their life there’d still be unvisited places, new ground to explore, yet what do we actually do?


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We settle into routines and timetables. craving familiarity, we stick to what feels safe and familiar. We go to work every day, eat the same food (most days), speak to the same people, go to sleep, wake up, repeat. Then we plan holidays and for those few weeks a year we become travellers, full of excitement to experience something new and different. The holiday finishes – back to my routine screams the Insta story and for a short, while that will feel good but then we start yearning for our next holiday, our next experience.
Why have we created a life where the norm is mundane and the interesting has to be planned for those few weeks a year? Is this all in the name of making money to be rich and happy? Are we truly happy? Or do we just start every Monday looking forward to Friday? And every January thinking about our holidays?


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