Autumn Dress Code

Is it Autumn? Had to tell in Malta, not many deciduous trees shedding leaves and the climate seems to be stuck in an end-of-summer heat vibe with occasional windy spells. I always find this time of year very hard in terms of what to wear. It feels wrong to wear pure summer clothes but silly to wear winter clothes. I like to go for something that can be adapted, like this dress from Cortefiel that has long sleeves but without tights, it felt right and I wasn’t at all hot and bothered. 

Other autumn options include light bomber jackets worn over t-shirts, culottes which show enough leg to be perfect transition pieces, midi skirts and 3/4 sleeves. The cardigan is also making a return this season, both in long and short versions. There actually probably isn’t anything better than a good cardi for this time of year.

I also added pink socks to match the pink flowers on the dress. I love that embroidered denim is back in trend, I’ve always loved it. I also need to talk about this season’s earrings – can you see the tassels? YESSS, big earrings are back and they’re here in all manners of fun including pom poms tassels and lot more exciting shapes.

In Malta, in a few weeks it will probably be a lot colder so we really must make the most of it and enjoy it !


Dress : Cortefiel

Bag : Coach


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