Scents of Pleasure

In general, I am somewhat of a fickle person – a lot of my likes and dislikes are highly dependant on my mood of the day. My poor husband who undertakes the task of cooking for me is often left feeling rather confused when I suddenly stop liking yesterday’s favourite food. I can’t help it, I’m like that with most things, clothes, makeup, perfume and even bread – yea I have bread type issues too. When it comes to perfumes other things play a part like seasonal allergies, seasonal moods and time of day. I like to change up my scents regularly, have never understood how people can ‘have a scent’ and always wear that same one, although the romantic notion of that idea is wonderful.

When I travel, I pick one scent to take with me, if it falls out of favour whilst on the trip, tough luck. My latest addition to the collection is the Zadig & Voltaire which I picked up from House of Beauty in Malta. I love the brand, I love their advertising campaigns, their cooler than cool image, the actual clothes and the packaging on this perfume. So Paris, so effective, so sold.

The scent is gorgeous –  jasmine sambac / arabian jasmine, chestnut, silkwood blossom, pink peppercorns and base notes of benzoin and Vanilla. It feels rather sexy but yet something you can wear throughout the day, not too heavy or overpowering. I feel that it is a perfume designed to complement a person’s natural scent rather than obliterate. There’s also the male version – maybe I need to buy the hubby a present….

For these images, I decided to showcase the perfume in my London Hotel – The Westbridge Hotel, wearing my new gorgeous loungewear set from Women’Secret. I’m normally that girl who buys cute PJs rather than sophisticated silky loungewear sets. I’ve decided to attempt growing up however and I enjoyed how these make me feel, more of a woman somehow, less of a girl. They’re also still really comfortable which is, of course, the main thing. I also took a pink robe with me, in case it got too cold.

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