Solitude by Kurt Paris

Have you heard about Solitude? Solitude is a photography exhibition shot in Paris by photographer Kurt Paris. It features Gozitan beauty Gabriella Mifsud from and three Maltese fashion designers Riteinne Zammit, Rosemarie Abela and Luke Azzopardi. The exhibition is showcased at Palazzo de Piro throughout the month of November 

When the love of your life releases a photography exhibition it is, of course, your duty to support him but in this case and I really don’t think I am biased, it is just so easy. I feel so proud of his work, of how he has matured as an artist, of his ability to capture images that are simultaneously beautiful and thought-provoking. None of the pictures are simple, all of them tell a complex story, a story of haunted beauty in solitude, a story of what it feels like to be alone, to live in solitude even if naturally you may stand out from the crowd.

The pictures were all shot in Paris and in black and white, Kurt’s favourite style. Paris is a city we both love a lot, Kurt has often mentioned how much he’d like to live there, this was his way of combining Maltese elements with a foreign story, a story about fashion and culture.

We launched the exhibition this week at Palazzo de Piro which actually, in another life used to be my school. There’s something poetic about seeing my photos hanging in my old Form1 classroom. The dress code was black and white, to match the images and I decided to do something rather different – wear an actual suit. I don’t remember the last time I wore a suit! This suit is from Pedro del Hierro and I love, love the way it fits.

Some photos from the night – Huge thanks to all those people who came to support him, I was so happy to see the crowd! Thanks to Palazzo de Piro for the excellent service, food and location and Marsovin for the wine sponsor.

Outfit Details

Jacket, Shirt, Trousers : Pedro del Hierro

Bag : Gucci


MarieClaire Portelli and moi

The excellent wine.

Tamara Webb and Marisa Grima

Jennifer Dimech. Christabelle Borh, Daniel Azzopardi

Peter Carbonaro, Carina Camilleri, Matthew James Smith



What does being in solitude mean to you? Is ‘being’ the same as ‘feeling’ or are those two words, so similar, bridges apart?


 The exhibition is showcased at Palazzo de Piro throughout the month of November 


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