Functional Pieces of Art

Have you ever owned a functional piece of art?
A piece of art that will stand the test of time?
A piece of art designed to be passed down from generation to generation?

There’s no better phrase that best sums up my feelings when I saw these umbrellas at Camilleri Paris Mode.

a functional piece of art

The brand is Pasotti, the umbrellas are handcrafted in Italy and have been being made for over 50 years. Only 30,000 umbrellas are handmade a year.  had somehow managed to be oblivious to the brand’s existence although after I did a bit of digging around, it turns out this is a brand much loved by celebrities including Madonna.

The beauty of these pieces is also in the fact that it is not immediately obvious, from the outside, it looks almost innocent and simple but once opened you’re in for a huge surprise.

They are also fully customisable which means different parts can be combined together to create your very own umbrella whichever way you want. Prices start from 104 euros.

I’m thinking of getting one for myself but I can’t seem to decide which….which are your faves?

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