The Three Ultimate Winter Accessories

It’s Winter now – officially and if you haven’t brought out your winter wardrobe yet I’d say you’re obviously living in Aussie or some tropical island somewhere and I’m insanely jealous.

My favourite part of Winter is the wardrobe part, the change to layer and layer and accessorise your heart out.

  1. The scarf – Most women, apart from my mummy (why mummy, they make such good presents) can never have enough scarves. They are super easy to add to an outfit and can really take an outfit from plain to interesting. I love merino wool scarves like the one I’m wearing in some of these pics – lightweight and super soft and warm.
  2. The sunglasses – Definitely not just for summer, sunglasses automatically make you look like a more interesting person and are great tools for concealing recent crying fits, bad skin days and ‘no time to wear makeup’ days.
  3. The headgear – Beanies, vintage-style hats, berets – all are great, they never go out of style and can completely transform the look of an outfit. Plus they’re great at shielding from wind and rain and keeping your head and ears warm.


Outfit 1

Jacket : MISSONI

Trousers : H&M

Scarf : likemary via LA VIE 

Trainers : Diadora

Shades : Swarovski via O’hea Opticians

Outfit 2

Beanie : bought in Serbia

Hoodie : Adidas via Teamsport

Shades : Pucci via O’hea Opticians

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