When the RADLEY Travels

We all know I’m a huge bag fan so when the Radley flagship store opened its doors this year (Plaza Sliema) I was super, super excited, maybe a bit too much actually. I seem to be accumulating bags – I started with a little travel bag that you might have seen in my ‘What’s in my Travel Bag video’ …I then picked up a black classic shape that is actually called Liverpool for my trip to London (and shot it in Liverpool street below – too apt right?) and then the tan one happened. The tan one happened right before my trip to India – coincidentally as I wasn’t even sure I was going to India yet but it worked so perfectly with the scenery and colours there !!!

What I love about Radley is that even though everything is of a very high quality the price is still reasonable. This makes it affordable for many people and it also means you can have more than one!

Over in India !

And in London on Liverpool street, a little dog ventured…..

All bags – Radley.

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