Champagne Intercontinental Hotel Malta Panoramic Suite

The Highline Suites at Intercontinental Malta

I celebrate my birthday in the exact middle of January which means it’s often cold and rainy and me or my loved ones are generally ill. I need to put extra effort into planning my celebrations to ensure they make up for the sorry state of world affairs. I had missed the launch party of the Highline Suites at Intercontinental Malta last September but the photos depicted these luxuriously, stunning rooms that seemed the perfect fit. It’s raining outside but sunny inside sort of thing.

So I spent a night here..well a day, night and 3/4 of a day – the weekend might be a better way of phrasing it. My room was named The Panoramic Suite and is part of Club Intercontinental Malta. The view is fantastic and the large terrace with the cushioned bed is somewhere you can while away for a few hours and forget the world exists. One of the great things about these suites is that you have full use of the lounge which serves breakfast, afternoon tea and an open bar late afternoon.

Another great thing is the fact that I found Acqua di Parma cosmetics in my room – I actually started squealing, I also found a teddy ear and balloons and champagne and cake. These extra touches really made the visit feel amazing.

I finished off the weekend with dinner at the scrumptious Water Biscuit – the steak was cooked to perfection according to my rare request.

Definitely a ‘sunny’ birthday weekend


All Photos by Kurt Paris

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