That little symbol of LOVE

The idea of a wedding ring is, of course, a cultural one, it is a modern-day symbol but one that is precious and ingrained in our way of life. It’s also one that strangely enough, a lot of people don’t put too much thought in. To be honest, when I chose my wedding ring I didn’t think too hard about it either and my friends thought even less. Most just went for a plain gold band, I went for a white gold one.

The reality is though that there are so many different options – I visited Diamonds International to see what they have available before writing this post and there are so many different ones – white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, a mix of different colours, with diamonds, without diamonds .. you get the gist.

There are three important things to keep in mind when choosing a wedding ring

  • You are going to wear it every day.
  • You are going to wear it with your engagement ring – make sure they look good together.
  • It should fit your style and personality because of 1.
  1. Choose your Style

Visit the store or look online to get a feel for what’s available. Choose a store that offers fully customisable options that will make your choice harder but give you greater flexibility. This is something Diamonds International actual excel in, they can customise anything.

2. Choose your partner’s Style

They don’t necessarily need to match but it’s really up to you two to decide if you want them to match or not. We didn’t match ours but some people like that. If you do want them to match, keep in mind your partner’s wishes when selecting your style

3. Set a Budget

Wedding rings come in various styles and prices, set your budget and inform the store so they can show you options that suit your needs.

4. Try it on

Try it on with your engagement ring, get a feel for what the will look like together and be sure that you will enjoy wearing it.

Above all remember that this is a symbol of happiness 🙂

All rings available at Diamonds International Malta

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