The Travelling Shoe

with Diadora Blushield

When I was a kid I remember thinking of trainers as an all-purpose shoe meant for walking, running, lounging, doing any kind of sports and so on. Whenever I go to buy new trainers and I am presented with the different kinds of trainers available, my mind boggles and I turn pleading eyes to the salesperson in the hope that they will sort all of this out and give me exactly what I need.

Over the years, whilst I have found many comfortable shoes for gym stuff, aerobic classes etc, what always seemed to defy me is the travelling shoe. Not the type of travelling whereby you sip expensive coffee, get all dressed up to the nines and take a dozen photos. I mean the real kind of travelling, at which you walk for hours and hours, get exhausted and pray that both your feet and shoes can repeat it the next day.

So after some in-depth research and discussions, I realised that I actually might have had the right idea as a kid. Many running shoes are actually built with great shock absorbing properties and lasting comfort that makes them one of the ideal shoes for intensive walking. Enter the Diadora Blushield, a shoe designed to correct gait issues and help people like me who should wear insoles. This shoe is all about improving your balance whilst you run, or in this case, walk. The shoe boasts an advanced cushioning system and a technology developed especially to stabilise by providing adaptive support.

As I’ve mentioned a few times, I am currently injured so I haven’t been able to put these babies to the test by going for a run but I wore them in London, Serbia and India and they made a huge difference. My hip is what gives me most issues after long periods of walking and with other shoes, it generally starts after about 10 mins, with these the pain was much milder and only began after about an hour.

I’m about to embark on another trip – guess what’s in my luggage?

Diadora is available at TEAMSPORT

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