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This fashion week season I decided not to create a separate post per outfit. The thing is with social media, you’d have already seen everything so there’s no real point, instead, I’m going to show the makeup and accessories I chose to wear as part of the different outfits.

Look 1

I wore a striking pair of shades so I stuck to a nude bag so that it wouldn’t be a case of ‘just too much going on’. My makeup was done by MAC Cosmetics and they focused on eye makeup using purples to match the outfit. I love getting my makeup done, I enjoy applying makeup myself but there’s nothing like being in the hands of a great makeup artist and allowing them to transform you. It’s almost a bit exciting. I’m one of those people who rarely gives instructions, I want to see what they’re idea is, what they want to transform in my face.

Shades - Roberto Cavalli at O'hea Opticians

Bag - Saint Laurent

Rings - Pandora HEBE
Earrings - Chanel

Makeup - MAC Cosmetics(Sliema, Valletta)


Look 2

Not many accessories in this one, the lace fabric in the dress is quite elaborate so I felt there was enough going on. I added a pair of sparkly earrings but I had taken them off when I took the closeup!

Sunglasses Tiffany&Co O'hea Opticians


Look 3

The earrings are actually a bit old (sorry don’t even remember the brand). I added these slightly over-the-top earrings because I thought they matched the braided hairstyle which is also a bit edgy.


Lips-Revlon Metallic

Foundation, concealer, powder, blush -  Revlon Colour Stay

Eyeshadow - Kat Von D


Look 4

I  added bright lips and a dressy pair of earrings to match these cat-eye shades and the leopard print.

Shades - Just Cavalli O'hea Opticians

Lips - Revlon Metallic

Earrings - Eclat HEBE


Look 5

I thought that sparkly eyes and dark brown lips looked really great with this hat.

Eyes and Lips - 3ina

Shades - Swarovski O'hea Opticians

Earrings - Eclat HEBE

Hat - River Island


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