An Afternoon in Paris

Do you get dressed up when you Travel? I didn’t used to, I use to just don a pair of jeans, sweater and hightail it out of the hotel as quickly as can be. Things have changed for a number reasons – 1 social media and my tendency to talk about my life is a large factor, 2 visiting the same places over and over to just enjoy them which means there is less urgency to be outside, and the 3rd is staying in nicer hotel rooms that don’t make you feel like you’re in jail.

So how do you spend a Saturday afternoon in Paris?


First of all, you wear the prettiest dress on earth, a bit but too pretty as it’s really a party dress from Pedro del Hierro that I would normally wear to a wedding or chic afternoon tea party. Of course, you also wear it with sneakers because you intend walking about Paris.

Secondly, you take some photos in your stylish hotel (Le Cinq Codet), just because you think the colours work.

Third, you catch a metro to the Ferris wheel to buy some candy floss

Fourth, you walk down the famous Rue Saint Honore and visit all the gorgeous shops in your pretty dress.

Fifth, you go for chocolate mousse at a typical French bistro/caffe

Dress Pedro del Hierro

Hotel Le Cinq Codet

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