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In Malta, there’s the Amitex fair on at the moment, which a huge fair at MCC related to travel and all the different travel opportunities being offered by Maltese travel companies. This year I’m particularly interested because I’ve been trying to get the hubby to commit to a long haul trip with me that’s just a holiday, no work, no projects, just me and him and perhaps a beach. Of course one of the main exhibitors is ROCS Travel, If I manage to convince him, I’ll probably be choosing one of their signature holidays, they have a huge selection of out of this world holidays. 

I decided to pick my favourites from the selection and also include some Instagram posts from intl travel bloggers as further travel inspo. You can see the entire ROCS Travel brochure here

If you guys have any suggestions for a great couple holiday let me know. P.S Doesn’t have to be beach related.


As you might remember, I travelled to India last December, I only saw a small part and I can’t wait to return and experience the rest of what this beautiful country has to offer.

2. China and Japan

We’ve actually both always wanted to visit Japan, the culture, the tech, the modernisation, the history, the blossom trees – just everything.


3. South Africa

South Africa or another part of Africa has always been sitting high up on my bucket list because well it’s completely different to everything I experience in my day-to-day existence. The idea of being so close to nature, of being a part of it – it really excites me.

4. North America


Insta Travel Inspo


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