The Art of Using Serums

Guerlain Aqua Serum

By no means do I consider myself to be a beauty expert, on the contrary, I think I take way too many shortcuts, don’t find time for facials and once in a while commit the cardinal sin of sleeping with my makeup on. However, when chatting with friends I do realise that I seem to know a bit more about how things work and the correct way to use products then let’s call it ‘the general public’. I didn’t always used to use serums, actually, I used to think they were useless, a gimmick to get me to part with my hard-earned cash. In fact, let me be honest, the only way I tried serums was because a few years ago I was given one to try out. However, I now consider it the one step I never omit and most times perform both mornings and evenings. 

My skin type is what you’d call combination, slightly dry in winter but the t-zone can get a bit oily especially if too rich products are used. It is also always slightly dehydrated, this is the one point that no beautician has ever disagreed upon. Enter hydrating serums – as I’ve mentioned before, my current products of choice are Bioderma and I use these daily, day in day out, however seeing as my skin was getting slightly over dehydrated from all the travelling, I decided to try this one by Guerlain. It is still quite a light product but I use it once a day and generally about 4 times a week, I haven’t noticed any congestion whatsoever in my pores after using it which is what I’m always scared of when using high-end products. The light texture is absorbed immediately too which is a plus as I don’t want to wait too long before applying makeup. I apply it onto my face and then tap it into the skin. I always try to remember to apply moisturiser after serum as it helps to seal it in.

My skin definitely feels tighter both after use and in general. The other day someone actually asked me if I’ve had any work done which I took as a complement Whether or not it is less dehydrated is a bit hard for me to tell as I rarely notice this but I haven’t seen any flaky skin and my skin tones looks quite even, which might also be helped by the fact that I rarely seem to see any sun lately.  The only downside I found is that it does have a somewhat strong fragrance, I actually like the smell but when I had a cold I felt I couldn’t use it as it bugged my nostrils. Thumbs up!

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