Daily Menus with Plan H

Every day, every morning I get an amazing delivery – a little brown paper bag with lots of yummy surprises to be found inside. I don’t always read the menu of the day sent by email so sometimes it’s literally a surprise. Each menu consists of a breakfast (for the next day), a morning snack, an afternoon snack and two main meals.

I’m on the fitness 1200 meal which means approx 1200 kcals and targeted for people whose lifestyle is somewhat active.

What I love most about PlanH is that the food is really tasty, the portions aren’t large and the day after a big meal, they look even smaller by comparison. My favourites are the baked goods, stuff like breakfast muffins, energy balls, flapjacks, cereal bars, banana bread – I get super excited when we get these. My least favourites are soups and smoothies, I think I’m just not a liquid food person.

An examples of a daily menu


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