The Dress – Malta Fashion Awards

The experience of creating a dress at Camilleri Paris Mode Atelier is a unique one. Entering the Atelier section at the store in Rabat is like entering into heaven. The fabrics draped across the mannequins, the choice of fabrics, the service – it’s all in itself an experience. Choosing what to create is mind blowing, they are experts at guiding you but of course, the choice is so vast, there are endless possibilities. 

Thes fabrics and designs had me sold for two reasons – the colours and the huge, huge dress. I’ve always wanted to be princess which means I will probably never ever pass up the chance to wear this style of dress – it makes me feel so special and so much like ‘living in a dream’. The quality, both of the fabrics and the tailoring (defining the expression fits like a glove) is superb. A few people unknowingly passed a remark saying – it looks like it was made for you – but it was!! I don’t often have the opportunity to wear bespoke pieces (made for me) but honestly, the difference is incredible.

Some details on the dress and fabrics – bold, amber double-faced mikado fabric with a full ballgown (hem circumference is approx 10mtrs ) & a strapless neckline, with a fuchsia lace top (French Leavers Lace).

I feel really privileged to own and wear this dress – I’m currently trying to locate another ball to wear it again.

My hair (which grew a few inches for the night ) was done by Chris Pisani at Toni and Guy and my  makeup by Henry Galea.

Dress – Camilleri Paris Mode

Bag – Fendi

Makeup – Henry Galea

Hair – Toni and Guy (Chris Pisani)

Photos by Kurt Paris

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