Beauty : SPLAT Toothpaste

Recently, I’ve become a bit more ‘knowledgeable’ and ‘aware’ of what I’m putting on my face and body. This generation cares so much about clean eating and organic food but I think when it comes to skin care, hair care etc – we care less. SPLAT is a new generation toothpaste that cares a lot […]

Beauty : Teeth Whitening

The other week I decided to undergo a new type of beauty maintenance – Teeth Whitening. As you might have realised, I tend to show my entire set of teeth when I smile. I also have green tea, dark choc and red wine obsessions which are all stained-teeth culprits so lately I found myself lamenting my […]

Beauty: Lips that last

I was introduced to the Provoc semi-permanent liners a few months ago when I tried out the eyebrow pencil. I’ve now accumulated a set of lip liners and a couple of eye liners too. I chose a range of colours that can be worn with different shades of lipstick or alone for a matte effect. […]