Bioderma – Some Exciting News

What do you know about Bioderma? Up until a few months ago, I wasn’t insanely familiar with the brand, I was obsessed with their micellar water but that was about it.. When it comes to skincare, I’ve always favoured using brands that feel less ‘glossy’ and commercial over the bid budget brands that seem more […]

Clarins Makeup Haul

Ironically I have never been that familiar with Clarins makeup but last week I got a mega introduction. I was shooting a campaign for a brand and the makeup artist used Clarins, I loved the result but I also fell in love with ultra beautiful packaging and quality of the products.

Lessons in Ruby Woo

Confession time – I suck at applying red lipstick, well if I’m being honest, I suck at applying any strong lipstick and liquid lipsticks and anything that doesn’t involve simply swiping it across my lips. Part of the problem is my impatience but also, I’m never really quite that sure what I should be doing. So […]