Spring Moments

Spring is here At this time of year, I start to feel my Winter blues and general lethargy ebb away and instead along comes a renewed sense of energy and purpose. The longer, brighter days seem to stretch with endless possibilities. Clothes also seem to take on a different sense of being, gone are the long, […]

Golden Spring

I’m always excited to discover new local designers and my latest discovery is Nixy by Nicole Agius. Nicole is focusing on creating a range of different dresses, mainly for parties and different occasions like weddings. I absolutely fell in love with this nude, glittery creation, I felt like such a princess wearing it.

Lessons in Ruby Woo

Confession time – I suck at applying red lipstick, well if I’m being honest, I suck at applying any strong lipstick and liquid lipsticks and anything that doesn’t involve simply swiping it across my lips. Part of the problem is my impatience but also, I’m never really quite that sure what I should be doing. So […]