Let’s go to SKYBEACH

A few years ago, pool lidos weren’t really my thing, I was generally more of a beach girl. Maybe because I’ve got older and more inclined to enjoy hassle-free days, the sheer volume of ppl, traffic and parking issues to get to the beach has started to bug me. The good thing is that this […]

Designed Swimwear – Isle & Aqua

I love how much the local fashion design community is continuing to thrive, I really started delving into it properly about six years ago and I feel we’ve really come a long way. One of the more recent entries into the scene is the swimwear brand Isle & Aqua, a luxury swimwear brand curated by designer […]

A PINK Dress & GUCCI shades

The pink fashion show happened last Thursday and the setting was right on the beach including an after party on the sand. My outfit planning started by revolving around a pair of shades – probably my favourite sunglasses ever. These GUCCI babies from O’hea Opticians are going to be this summer’s fashion highlight for me for […]