Let’s Brunch On Saturday

Is brunch my favourite meal? I haven’t decided yet, I still love the idea of going out for dinner way too much but the hubby is pretty sold on brunch so it has become something we frequently do together. We decided to try out brunch at Phoenicia Hotel for 2 reasons. Firstly, I attended one […]

A Stay at The Cumberland

Last weekend I was a Valletta resident for 3 nights, it was an exhilarating experience. I was invited to stay at the Cumberland, an exquisite newly opened upscale boutique hotel that is an experience in hospitality and interior design in itself. Of course, it wasn’t my first time visiting Valletta, it actually wasn’t even my first time […]

Barracuda – Travel in Malta

Last week I was invited to Barracuda restaurant to celebrate their 40th anniversary. It is impressive that in our fast-changing world, they have managed to remain so prominent and successful for 40 years. The location is stunning especially if you book ahead and book one of the tables on the open terrace, truly a gorgeous view. […]

An Afternoon at The Lido

When it comes to spending a day at the beach, Malta may seem like the land of opportunities, however, it’s not actually always that simple, especially when more than two people are involved in that decision process. One of my favourite Lidos, that I’ve been frequenting for many years – The Corinthia Lido at St […]

broadside terrace malta

How to eat dinner with a View

Last Friday I had a great dinner at a newly opened restaurant in Malta, Broadside Terrace at Corinthia Hotel St. Georges Bay. It used to be the case that life in Malta meant repeatedly visiting the same restaurants and bars, very little if any, new places cropped up. Fast forward to 2018, life has changed […]

A Weekend at Corinthia Marina

y I recently spent a weekend at the Marina Hotel, Corinthia Beach Resort. When I feel tired and in need of a break, one of my tricks to re-energise is to change my surroundings. I feel that an occasional change scenery is really important for me. As a blogger, I find it hard to truly take […]