A Stay at The Cumberland

Last weekend I was a Valletta resident for 3 nights, it was an exhilarating experience. I was invited to stay at the Cumberland, an exquisite newly opened upscale boutique hotel that is an experience in hospitality and interior design in itself. Of course, it wasn’t my first time visiting Valletta, it actually wasn’t even my first time […]

Barracuda – Travel in Malta

Last week I was invited to Barracuda restaurant to celebrate their 40th anniversary. It is impressive that in our fast-changing world, they have managed to remain so prominent and successful for 40 years. The location is stunning especially if you book ahead and book one of the tables on the open terrace, truly a gorgeous view. […]

Spotlight On – FAB_MALTA

I’m using this post today to introduce a new ‘shopping platform’ – FAB_MALTA. FAB_MALTA ‘s purpose in life is to represent a variety of international brands in Malta. They currently have 2 online channels – Instagram and Facebook, through these platforms it is possible to see what’s in stock and place your order by sending […]

Abraham's Sax Under The Stars

Sax Under The Stars in Gozo

Words almost fail me when trying to describe the wonderful event I attended last Saturday. Abraham’s Sax Under The Stars was held at the Salt Pans in Xwejni, Gozo. It was the second edition (there was a similar event held last year). This year it was apparently sold out pretty quickly. I wasn’t too surprised, […]

Etnia Barcelona

One of the highlights of my trip to Barcelona was a tour of the flagship Etnia Barcelona Store and the chance to wear this creative and stunning shades around the city. I was first introduced to this brand by O’Hea Opticians in Malta, the brand has been recently introduced into their portfolio. What is super […]

A Day at Vini & Capricci

Last weekend I had the chance to visit and meet something and someone rather extraordinary. I visited Vini e Capricci in Gozo by Abraham and met Abraham himself too. It is always a thrill of mine to meet self-made entrepreneurs, to learn and understand how they’ve built their businesses from the ground up, understand how […]