The Puffa Jacket

I’ve said this many times before but I’m happy to repeat myself. Basically, if there is one item that I consider an absolute must for the Winter season, it is most definitely the puffa jacket. It’s an absolute lifesaver for those cold, rainy, winter days. If it has a hood – even better.

Date Night

There are many restaurants on this island but sometimes when it comes to choosing one for dinner, I get confused. There are many for instance that are too ‘fancy’ and you might just want a casual one, then there are many that are casual but the food is too casual and I want something better..’oh […]

Perfection – Does it Exist?

The quest for perfection is not a new one, whilst we may sit in conversation and attribute blame towards social media and modern marketing, the truth is ’tis a tale as old as time. Ambition is an intrinsic quality found in many of us and with it comes a quest, a quest for something beyond our reach, […]