Spotlight On – FAB_MALTA

I’m using this post today to introduce a new ‘shopping platform’ – FAB_MALTA. FAB_MALTA ‘s purpose in life is to represent a variety of international brands in Malta. They currently have 2 online channels – Instagram and Facebook, through these platforms it is possible to see what’s in stock and place your order by sending […]

Abraham's Sax Under The Stars

Sax Under The Stars in Gozo

Words almost fail me when trying to describe the wonderful event I attended last Saturday. Abraham’s Sax Under The Stars was held at the Salt Pans in Xwejni, Gozo. It was the second edition (there was a similar event held last year). This year it was apparently sold out pretty quickly. I wasn’t too surprised, […]

Etnia Barcelona

One of the highlights of my trip to Barcelona was a tour of the flagship Etnia Barcelona Store and the chance to wear this creative and stunning shades around the city. I was first introduced to this brand by O’Hea Opticians in Malta, the brand has been recently introduced into their portfolio. What is super […]

A Day at Vini & Capricci

Last weekend I had the chance to visit and meet something and someone rather extraordinary. I visited Vini e Capricci in Gozo by Abraham and met Abraham himself too. It is always a thrill of mine to meet self-made entrepreneurs, to learn and understand how they’ve built their businesses from the ground up, understand how […]