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Summer Endings

  This is the second summer that ended prematurely, for two summers in a row, I ended up travelling for long periods of time somewhat unexpectedly. I’m currently halfway through a 2-week trip to London, the weather is cold and rainy a far cry from Malta’s beach-appropriate weather. I do feel somewhat cheated.

On the Job

The rise of backpacks has been phenomenal over the last few years, overnight they’ve gone from exclusively used by school kids to being the coolest new kid on the block and hanging off the arms of every fashionista in town, of both genders.

Craving Adventure

Do you ever feel restless? I get what I call my bored days sometimes..I don’t quite know how to explain them, one would think that with my ever growing to do list feeling bored is not a frequent experience for me. YET I manage. Sometimes I feel like Belle in Beauty and the Beast yelling there must […]

The Evasive Time

Have you ever stopped and thought about how much we talk about time? This generation is simply obsessed with time. It’s always about how much time we need, how long is something going to take, we’re running late and we have no time. If there had to be a statistic compiled on the sentences most frequently uttered […]

It’s All About the Sheen

I recently received a brilliant gift from one of my favourite specs & sunglasses companies, a wonderful pair of shades. When it comes to sunglasses, I truly believe that you can never have enough pairs, they’re probably the ultimate accessory and as someone recently put it, one of the most affordable designer pieces.