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Daily Menus with Plan H

Every day, every morning I get an amazing delivery – a little brown paper bag with lots of yummy surprises to be found inside. I don’t always read the menu of the day sent by email so sometimes it’s literally a surprise. Each menu consists of a breakfast (for the next day), a morning snack, […]

A Weekend at Corinthia Marina

y I recently spent a weekend at the Corinthia Marina Hotel. When I feel tired and in need of a break, one of my tricks to re-energise is to change my surroundings. I feel that an occasional change scenery is really important for me. As a blogger, I find it hard to truly take a day […]

Love my Bodysuit

I recently discovered something incredibly awesome that’s also made in Malta – a bodysuit subscription box. Let me explain – you know all the beauty boxes we are all addicted to that we receive every month? Well, beauty subscription boxes are not the only boxes around and there’s a new ONE – A BODYSUIT ONE!

TEAMSPORT – Let’s Go Shopping

  Sportswear is one of the most popular industries within the retail market, although the best sellers are shoes – recent years saw renewed surges of interest in sneakers and all forms of trainers and now that women and men everywhere have gone back to thinking of sneakers as something you wear every day, I […]

The Dress – Malta Fashion Awards

The experience of creating a dress at Camilleri Paris Mode Atelier is a unique one. Entering the Atelier section at the store in Rabat is like entering into heaven. The fabrics draped across the mannequins, the choice of fabrics, the service – it’s all in itself an experience. Choosing what to create is mind blowing, […]