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Maybe just maybe

Have you ever wondered how you got here? All those roads travelled and decisions made, some great some not so great – what was that one decision that might have changed it all? I’ve always equated feelings about age to a perception about life in general. One wouldn’t mind ageing if one felt satisfied is […]

5 Favourite Online Shops

Online Shopping in Malta – Where to online shop if you live in Malta? Favourite and most frequent question ever. I’ve been an online shopper for about 20 years now, I’ve shipped from all parts of the world and rarely if ever lost a package. I find online shopping so simple that I forget it’s […]

Endermologie – The low Down

We all have body parts we don’t love too much and mine has always been my hip/thigh/bum area. I’ve always wished a pair of slim boyish hips but let’s face it my body shape is anything but. Many people tell you to exercise but exercise won’t change your hip-to-bum ratio or eliminate cellulite. Thanks to Transforma […]