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Blue Eyes, a Vintage Dress & a Headband

An Instagram reader recently pointed out that I have a lot of clothes, she wanted to know how I manage to store all of them – good question and well let’s just say it’s not the most ideal of storage systems. blogblog and the cityBrand Spotlightcaroline stylistcarolnie parisclothesfashionfashion stylistfbloggermaltamalta stylistOOTDOutfit PostShoppingstyle

My Introduction to La Prairie

There are those famous brands that everyone had heard about but well you’ve never had the chance to try for various reasons. In the case of La Prairie, it is in all honestly above my usual skincare budget and since I’ve only just started to see fine lines forming (help), I just hadn’t gone there […]

Etnia Barcelona

One of the highlights of my trip to Barcelona was a tour of the flagship Etnia Barcelona Store and the chance to wear this creative and stunning shades around the city. I was first introduced to this brand by O’Hea Opticians in Malta, the brand has been recently introduced into their portfolio. What is super […]

There’s a Monster in the House

I’ve always said that cute things make me happy but I never thought I would own a cute bottle of perfume. I generally favour scents from the more established / older fragrance houses so I didn’t really think they’d ever use a cute bottle. Along comes Nina Ricci and these monsters, they’ve basically repackaged their […]

Daily Menus with Plan H

Every day, every morning I get an amazing delivery – a little brown paper bag with lots of yummy surprises to be found inside. I don’t always read the menu of the day sent by email so sometimes it’s literally a surprise. Each menu consists of a breakfast (for the next day), a morning snack, […]