Fillerina – The Low Down

Fillerina Update Time! I thought I’d give you this update with a dose of real me, fresh out of the shower, no makeup, no filters.
Some time ago I had told you all about this at home treatment I was doing called Fillerina. A one of a kind non-invasive product that aims to give your skin an extra dose of plumpness and smoothen out any lines. I’m at the age where wrinkles are appearing and whilst there’s nothing wrong with this, personally, I enjoy giving my skin all the possible nutrients and nourishment it needs to perform at its best. This is me 6 weeks post-treatment after which I returned to my original skincare routine but started using the Fillerina eye cream for extra help around this delicate area. Did all my expression lines vanish? Well no obviously but that wasn’t what I wanted but my skin looks firm and healthy and smoother and it seems as though when I frown, the lines now take less time to go away. Will be trying some more products from the brand in the coming months so watch out for updates.

This post is a promotional collaboration post created for FillerinaMT

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