Revisting my 18th Birthday

How often have you looked at snapshots from your past and wondered what you’d look like wearing that today? Why you wore much has changed …nostalgia always evokes so many emotions for me.

Back in 2002, I turned 18 in a grand way, my parents thankfully thought it should be memorable so they threw a lovely party for me, hired a dj, invited all my friends and it was all magical. No sarcasm, it is actually true, it was a pretty magical night but what was even more memorable for me was my dress. I still remember going dress shopping, bra shopping, underwear shopping for this day with my mum. I still pride myself on being a decisive shopper but I also think I was less fussy at 18 than I am now or I got lucky because of memory serves me, we found the ‘perfect’ dress pretty darn quickly. 17-year old me was so, so chuffed, I felt so grown-up in this red elegant dress.

I have no problem re-wearing clothes but this particular dress never did get a second outfit, somehow in my head it remained ‘my 18th dress’ and stayed there forever tied to that memory. Fast forward 19 years and I wanted to take a pretty photo in a pretty dress, red came up in the conversation planning and my mind immediately thought about that dress, i had recently come across it in a de-cluttering attempt so I knew where to find it.

I wasn’t quite sure how it would fit, my body hasn’t changed too much over the years but that doesn’t mean it’s stayed the same! When i put it on and saw myself in it, I had this curious mix of nostalgia and feeling ‘grown-up’ all over again. One thing’s for sure, never underestimate the power of a dress.

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